About Us

Our family centre, situated in the Brno neighbourhood Lesná, named “Duhový ráj” (in English: “The Rainbow Heaven”) has been opened in September 2009. Today, the logo with a happy boy and happy girl know most of mums, dads and, above all, children not only in Lesná, but also in other parts of the city Brno. Our mission is to provide a venue for meetings, education, making new friends, sharing of happy as well as less happy things, which are also the part of our care for children.
The centre consists of a playroom for children, cafeteria, gym and workshop for arts. In summer children can play in a sand pit, situated just directly outside the building of the centre, completed with slide, swing and trampoline. The outdoor playground is surrounded with full-grown trees, throwing a pleasant shadow across the lawn during hot summer days. The indoor centre is full of different toys, e.g., a house with slide, pool with balls, various didactic tools. Of course, a baby changing table is the part of the furnishings as well as toys suitable even for the smallest babies.
Of course, all premises of our centre are for non-smokers only.


In our cafeteria we offer a rich offer of refreshment – first quality coffee (also caffeine –free suitable for breast-feeding mums), various types of tees, desserts, cakes, toasts, panini, ice-cream, etc. In the microwave oven you can heat your own food. We also provide a wi-fi connection.
The whole premises of the centre can be rented to celebrate family events, such as birthdays etc. More details see below.

Playroom fees:

Children to 1 year of age free of charge.
Holders of the card “Rodinné pasy” 20% discount.
–  one child: CZK 70/CZK 56 (discount)
–  two children: CZK 115/CZK 92,- (discount)
–  three and more children in family relationship: CZK 135/108 (discount)
Unlimited stay in the playroom after the course longer than 15 minutes: CZK 35

Our Offer

Except individual visits, we offer various types of courses, summer camps as well as babysitting.


– individual babysitting for children to the age of 3 years of age (one member of staff for one child)
1 hour  –  CZK 120
4 hours  –  CZK 400
– group babysitting of children 3 – 5 years
1 hour  – children over  3 years – CZK 100
4 hours  – children over 3 years  CZK 350
Babysitting of children over the age of 3 years will be organized in groups, maximal number of children is 8.
Maximal period of babysitting – 4 hours. Babysitting takes place during the opening hours of our cafeteria; any other terms according to the individual arrangement. We offer babysitting services also in the period of bank holidays and school holidays.
Various activities are prepared for your children, such as drawing, singing, short walks etc.

Holiday Camps

In July and August we organize holiday camps.

Courses for Children

We offer both children and parents various types of courses,
Physical Exercise (according to the age of children – in several groups)
For children aged 0-6 we organize courses focusing on their physical development, mutual playing with songs, baby massages, etc.
Health development of your babies is regularly reviewed by an experienced physiotherapist – we co-operate with the physiotherapeutic centre “KINESIS”, situated in the same building as our centre.
All exercises are organized in a new, modern gym with various types of exercise tools.

Lease of Centre

– possibility of lease for various family events (on Saturday and Sundays only)
Lease of premises with cafeteria and playroom: CZK 900 /3 hours
every additional hour CZK 300
The part of lease is 28 places at the tables, small gift for the birthday boy or girl, birthday decorations (garlands, balloons) and unlimited use of the playroom. Booking will be binding after the payment of the deposit CZK 500 not later than one week in advance.

Birthday Programme:

Programme with Clown (3 hours)
The program consists of the welcoming with a clown, dancing, singing, games, competitions with small rewards for each child, arts and singing of a birthday song.
Price: CZK 1,000
Face Painting
Price CZK 700 (maximal number of children 10, for each other child a surcharge CZK 30)
We can prepare a presentation using photographs of your child, which we can show in the screen during the celebration. Please, deliver your photographs not later than three days in advance.
Price: CZK 250
Birthday Kit for Children
Party Kit Large – balloon, plate, cup, straw, hat with child theme
Price:   for 1 child   CZK 55/piece
More than 10 children CZK 50/piece
Party Kit Small- plate and cup with child theme
Price:   for 1 child   CZK 30/piece
More than 10 children CZK 28/piece
We can organize refreshment – cakes, salads, home made sweets.
Booking personally in the cafeteria, or at the tel. No.  +420 721 636 903, or via e-mail kavarna@duhovyraj.cz.
We recommend you to arrive 30 minutes before the event, our staff will be happy to arrange tables per your wish.

Art Courses

Children will be introduced – in a form adequate to their age, i.e., by play – with colours, shapes, various structures of materials. They will try to use various techniques of drawing and painting. They will develop their fantasy, imagination as well as their own expression of their ideas. They will practice fine motor activities and manual workmanship by cutting, gluing, trimming etc.


Children will learn to work with clay – processing, shaping, firing, glazing and possibilities of clay use. They will practice patience, manual workmanship, they will develop their fantasy, imagination in designing of their own ideas.

LANGUAGE SCHOOL – a broad variety of language courses both for children and adults


Arts and crafts – for all adults who would like to do something interesting, such as a silk scarf, bobbin lace, enamelling, mandala. See topical schedule.

EXERCISE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN – movement is a natural part of our life; if you want to feel good during your pregnancy and want to do something for yourself as well as for your child, do not hesitate and come to exercise with us. You will stretch and strengthen your body, we will do everything for you to feel good and fit during the whole period of your pregnancy. Exercising from completed 14th week of pregnancy.

POSTNATAL EXERCISE – for all mums who want to be fit after the childbirth. Among others, we use balance sheets for our exercise, significantly influencing a system of stabilization, important for correct position of the body.

How to Find Us

At the crossroads near swimming pool “Tesla” turn to the shopping centre “Lidl”, first exit to the left, along the car centre “Škoda”, to the end of the road (end of the blind alley).

Public transport:

Buses: 44, 46, 53, 57, 66, 84. The centre is situated ca. 50 meters from the bus stop Lesná-nádraží and 100 meters from the railroad station Brno-Lesná.


Eliška Pokorná, tel. +420 724 344 364   e-mail: eliska@duhovyraj.cz

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