Our family centre, situated in the Brno neighbourhood Lesná, named “Duhový ráj” (in English: “The Rainbow Heaven”) has been opened in September 2009. Today, the logo with a happy boy and happy girl know most of mums, dads and, above all, children not only in Lesná, but also in other parts of the city Brno. Our mission is to provide a venue for meetings, education, making new friends, sharing of happy as well as less happy things, which are also the part of our care for children.
The centre consists of a playroom for children, cafeteria, gym and workshop for arts. In summer children can play in a sand pit, situated just directly outside the building of the centre, completed with slide, swing and trampoline. The outdoor playground is surrounded with full-grown trees, throwing a pleasant shadow across the lawn during hot summer days. The indoor centre is full of different toys, e.g., a house with slide, pool with balls, various didactic tools. Of course, a baby changing table is the part of the furnishings as well as toys suitable even for the smallest babies.
Of course, all premises of our centre are for non-smokers only.

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