Address Duhový ráj Centre:

Okružní 1, Brno, Lesná, 638 00.

GPS souřadnice: 49°13′15.541″N, 16°37′42.094″E

It is a building of the former telephone exchange, which is all the people from the neighborhood known. If you come from a greater distance, perhaps it will take some time to search, but we believe the smile with which to welcome and comfort they offer to you few minutes of searching more than made up.

By car:

Directly to rainbow paradise you can arrive by car. At the intersection near the swimming stadium Tesla turn towards Lidl shopping mall and the first left turn, go along Šoda. Entry road signs Don’t be afraid, our customers are the exception, as you can see on the label. Furthermore, the company Vema pass the house and go to the end of a blind alley, where you will see our building, together with reserved parking spaces. Or you can ride through the Shell gas station, where you turn right (before pumping stands) and then left (in the aforementioned entry ban).

Public transport:

You can reach us bus: 44, 46, 53, 57, 72, 84. Children’s Center is located about 50 meters from the bus stop Lesna-station and 100 meters from the railway station Brno-Lesná. From the bus stop not go directly to the railway station (bottom left), but rather straight toward our one-story red building.


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